Coil Cleaning Service

Cleaning your coils removes dirt, grime, mildew and other deposits that buildup on your cooling coils. This buildup will reduce system efficiency as it interferes with the heat transfer process of HVAC units.

Removal of this built-up dirt and grime from cooling coils with Joy Filters coil cleaning process improves:

  • System efficiency
  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Increases system life
  • Improves indoor air quality

Our HVAC system services include:

  • The installation of a pre-filter, secondary and final filtration system
  • A complete HVAC system filter evaluation and survey
  • Cleaning coils and condensing units using BBJ Power Coil Cleaner products
  • The installation of BBJ MircorBiocide. This product reduces the growth of microorganisms between services
  • The use of a HEPA vacuum to clean out the air handlers cabinets
  • Changing and aligning fan belts and pulleys
  • Cleaning condensate drain pans and pipes
  • Cleaning fan blades and housing
  • Checking and cleaning the fresh air intake screens
  • Checking the electrical wiring of the HVAC system

Our well-trained and experienced technicians conduct these HVAC system services thoroughly so they can address any potential problems that could shut down your system. This preemptive approach saves your facility money. In fact we feel it pays for itself when compared to the wasted electricity cost of a dirty unit. We know what to look for and we know how to maintain your facilities air handling units; trust us and start working with us today.

We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we work hard to maintain your HVAC air filters in optimal condition. Joy Filters is small enough to know you, yet large enough to take care of your paint booth filter and HVAC air filter needs.

Call us at (813) 641-7841 or toll free (866) 569-3458 today!