Helpful Hints

Particles in the Air

There are many kinds of particulate in the atmosphere. They are invisible, except when they collect and form, for example, puffs of smoke or clouds of dust. Over the clean mid-Pacific Ocean there are approximately 26 million particles per cubic foot; 173 million in normal air; dirty industrial air, nearly 9 billion. These particle consist of hydrocarbons from unburned fuel of automotive and jet engines, power plants, oil burning installations, petrochemical refineries, steel mills, foundries and related industries. Living and dead plants and microorganisms also add pollutants to the air.

Particles in Compressed Air

Atmospheric particulate not removed by inlet filters, compressor wear particles, lubricant aerosols and odors must be removed from the compressor airstream through filtration. There are pre-filters, lubricant-removal filters and odor-removal filters. Their type, number and placement depend on the application and the degree of contaminant removal required.

Why Filtration is Important

Air dryers take out water. You need filters to remove lubricant aerosols, atmospheric pollution, odors and other submicron contaminants. A 1.0 micron particle is invisible without magnification.


Advanced Design

Viledon air filters from fruedenberg are the first choice for paint spray booths at major auto plants than any other brand. The same defect free, mirror smooth finishes demanded by the OEMs are possible with your paint spray booth!

Viledon's Technology

The progressively structured media, synthetic fibers, special dust holding adhesives and rugged, triaxial scrrim in viledon pa/560 g-10 diffusion media deliver superior filtration performance, even air flow and longer service life.

Filter change out

For peak performance from any paint spray booth, be sure all filters are changed regularly. Annual booth cleanings are also necessary to ensure filter life and clean paint jobs.

  • Pre-Filters: every 50 hours of booth operation
  • Ceiling Filters: every 1200 hours of booth operation
  • Floor Filters: every 50 hours of booth operation
  • Bag Filters: every 200 hours of booth operation