Paint Booth Filter Installation

Filter Installation and Filter Service Agreements

Waterborne paints, solvent based paints, single stage, lacquers, gel coat... is there one filter that meets every need? Unfortunately, no... so what is a shop owner to do? Call Joy Filters, Inc. and rely on their years of experience to find the proper filter that meets the EPA efficiency ratings, painter's needs and the owner's budget. Is the ultimate in Downdraft filtration, the Viledon's PA560/G-10, the best choice; or can the Viledon R-1 achieve your goals at a lower cost? Do you need the quality, steady air flow curve of Paint Pockets Brand of exhaust filters, or is another product the right solution for your painting and coating needs?


Joy Filters can provide you with the following filters for paint booths and more:

  • Viledon PA560/G-10 Ceiling Filters—these provide your downdraft paint booths with premium filtration.
  • Viledon R-1 Intake Filter—these are the best quality link and panel filter, with self supporting internal wire frame that will install in your downdraft, semi-downdraft and cross draft paint booths.
  • Filtrair FR-1 Intake Filter—these can be installed in semi-downdraft and cross draft paint booths.
  • Viledon Series "A" Intake Filter—this is an inexpensive way to filter your non heated downdraft or cross draft paint booths.
  • Pre-Filters—these are the filters in your air make up or "burner". We stock bags, panels and sock filtersfor your paint booths.
  • Exhaust Filters—from cut pads or rolls, to paint pockets or fiberglass, we have every type of exhaust filter you need for your paint booths.
  • Exhaust Bag Filters - the final filtration before the air from your booth exits the exhaust stack

Viledon's structure and non-shedding material can trap and hold on to particles more effectively than other filters. This filter for paint booths, among other things, can hold more dirt per square foot than any other filtration system. Because it can hold more fragments it doesn't need to be changed as often, thereby saving you money on replacements.


Our paint spray booth services consist of:

  • Service and filter contracts
  • A six-step procedure for changing paint spray booth filters
  • Testing of old exhaust filters for hazardous materials.
  • 24/7 service calls on all brands of paint spray booths and equipment



We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we work hard to maintain your HVAC air filters in optimal condition. Joy Filters is small enough to know you, yet large enough to take care of your paint booth filter and HVAC air filter needs.

Call us at (813) 641-7841 or toll free (866) 569-3458 today!