Paint Pocket Exhaust Filters

Paint Pockets Increase Productivity at Your Shop

At Joy Filters we strive to provide industrial, automotive, and aerospace companies with the most efficient and dependable filtration products on the market. That's why we're proud to supply our customers with Paint Pockets®, one of the most reliable and cost effective overspray arrestors available in the industry. Equipping your business with Paint Pockets will increase your productivity while saving you money.

Paint Pockets capture liquid and powder coating overspray, which prevents the overspray from reaching the exhaust stack and your paint booth floor. This filter is so effective it holds up to five times more overspray than other filters, cutting your filter changes by up to 80 percent and reducing your waste disposal costs by roughly 50 percent! This is possible thanks to the Paint Pockets' Diamond Pockets™ which catch large quantities of overspray while also capturing the very small 2.5 to 10 micron particles that are typical in overspray.

Product Specifications:

  1. Overall Arrestance Efficiency: 99.84 percent
  2. Holding Capacity: Up to 6 pounds a square foot
  3. Maximum Tested Air Velocity: 700 FPM
  4. Initial Pressure Drop (@100 FPM): 0.06 in W.C.
  5. Maximum Pressure Drop: 1.00 in W.C.
  6. Flammability Rating: UL Class II
  7. Filter Construction: High loft, Multi-Ply, Non-woven polyester

These paint filters are affordable, cost effective, produce less run-off, reduce waste, and are conveniently easy-to-change and user-friendly. They can handle the overspray produced by common coatings such as medium and high solid paints, powder coatings, water reduced paints, plural component coatings, stains, and adhesives. Also ask us about the Paint Pockets FLEX filter life extender and our other accessories.

Call us today at (813) 641-7841 or toll free 1-866-569-3458, to learn more about Paint Pockets and how they can increase productivity at your shop.

*Shipping costs are only for the continental U.S., not Hawaii or Alaska.

A 8 foot length of straight Zipper Mounting Bracket

Case Quantity: 1

The Zipper Corner Bracket provides extra stability to the Zipper Mounting System.

Minimum quantity for "ZIPPER COURNER BRACKET" is 1.


Paint Pockets exhaust filter installation tool.

The Zipper Middle Bracket provides the capability of connecting long runs of the Zipper Mounting Bracket

Minimum quantity for "ZIPPER MIDDLE BRACKET" is 1.

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